In the conditions of the growing international isolation of Russia, generated by the late years of Putin's rule, the formation of the image of an influential power is becoming increasingly difficult for the Russian regime.

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The first quarter of 2018 stood out as one of the fiercest periods of the endless civil war in Syria.

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After the "black" February in Syria for Putin and Shoigu "black" March has arrived.

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The study of the Russian labor market in the field of "Protection and Security" in recent weeks reveals one interesting detail. Namely: the recruitment activity of Russian PMCs sharply increased in February.

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On February 7, it became known that a significant number of reinforcements from Iraq moved in the direction of the Syrian city Afrin, where battles are conducted between the Turkish army and Kurdish groupings, such as the People's Self-Defense Units YPG (branch of the terrorist organization Kurdi

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The chemical disarmament of the Assad regime, which was presented as a huge achievement of Russian diplomacy several years ago, turned out to be a fraud.

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Speaking to the Russian military at the airbase in Khemeymim in December 11, 2017, Putin said about "the defeat of the most efficient group of international terrorists" and ordered the withdrawal of the main part of the Russian contingent in Syria.

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In early November, Russia once again rejected the US official proposal not to block the US draft resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria.

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Operational data of the group "Information Resistance"

Over the past 24 hours, the following redeployments of the occupation forces in the Donbas were noted:

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