In the international markets of armaments and military equipment, including in the segment of supplies of air defense assets, competition is intensifying at the present time. This trend is particularly noticeable in the regional arms market in the Middle East and North Africa.

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According to the IR group, on October 1-3, a conference "Development of Ukrainian Ukrainians' Relations with Compatriots Abroad" will take place in the annexed Crimea within the framework of the Russian propaganda concept "South Wind", which we already reported earlier.

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The IR group continues to explore the methods and instruments by which the Russian government acts on different continents in its own interests.

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The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade concluded strategic partnership plans in 2019-2020 with the Italian manufacturer Iveco and the German manufacturer Daimler AG, according to which the funds of these Italian and German investors will be used for:

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The Russian Embassy in Ukraine, together with the Russia-controlled Moscow Patriarchate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, has invited for a meeting to be held the day following mass events in Kyiv a number of foreign ambassadors and representatives of foreign Orthodox churches, UNIAN

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From Helsinki to Gaddafi: a cold shower for Putin

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A meeting of the heads of the United States and Russia will take place at July 16 in a neutral territory - in the city of Helsinki (Finland).

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The degeneration of the Korean outcast and the new fears of the Kremlin

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Collective actions of Moscow and Tehran contributed to the salvation of the dictatorial regime of President Assad. It was very beneficial for Russia to use Hezbollah fighters as cannon fodder for the destruction of ISIS ​​units.

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As it known, the fact that the Mundial will be held in Russia is used by the authorities Russia to promote the criminal regime of Putin, and such propaganda will only grow with the beginning of the competition.

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