IR summary: LDPR security services actively “prepare” for elections in Ukraine

IR summary: LDPR security services actively “prepare” for elections in Ukraine

Operational data group "Information Resistance"

Russian occupation forces continue to shell the positions of JF units, as well as settlements near the demarcation line. The average number of attacks and armed provocations of the occupiers is up to 10 per day.

The shelling is conducted mainly with provocative aims, as well as for opening the system of organizing and firing in the advanced defensive JF units. In some cases, the enemy opens fire with the aim to inflict fire damage on the advanced units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and holding fire initiatives on certain sectors of the front line.

During the current week, the occupation forces continued to conduct a comprehensive active reconnaissance and monitoring of the front line and the closest tactical rear of the JF in order to clarify the combat order of the Ukrainian forward units. In addition, the intensification of the invaders' reconnaissance in relation to objects and targets in the depth of the operational order of the JF was noted. First of all, the enemy’s reconnaissance is interested in command and control posts, storage sites for logistic items (fuel, ammunition, and consumables), parking and storage areas for military equipment and weapons. Also, enemy has an "interest" in the mode of their operation, storage and establishment of areas of responsibility.

Activation of the EW and air reconnaissance with the help of UAVs is also noted. Directly on the front line and in the neutral zone, an active "sniper war" continues. Occupants on separate parts of the front line carry out hidden mining / demining, and active work is carried out by the special operation teams.

Recently, the practice of the so-called “hog hunting” —the conduct the ambush of the mobile fire group (special operation team) — has become widespread on both sides in an area where the enemy’s communications close to the front line (usually in the neutral zone or directly on the front line) and sudden shelling on vehicles, armored vehicles and other mobile targets of the enemy, moving on these communications, from a previously prepared position by anti-tank systems (less RPG).

Other military activities:

- The command of the 2nd Army Corps “LPR” conducts on a rotational basis combat reconciliation of tank companies from the composition of tank battalions of motorized rifle brigades of the Army Corps and a separate tank battalion “Pantsir” with live firing at the training ground in the area of Shimshinovka. The presence of at least 12 T-64 type tanks and 4 units of T-72 type tanks are noted at the training ground. Practiced actions both in the offensive and in defense are trained;

- The engineering improvement of the positions of the occupation forces in the Pervomaiskoe fortified defense area continues. The equipment of the new disguised firing positions is marked in the area south-west of the settlement (Kalinovo-Borshevatoye district), as well as north-east (area of railway station 1010 km);

- In the area of Krest (Debaltsevo), the movement of 3 trucks with communication antennas (OP, communication station or EW), 1 truck Ural and 1 BTR-80 was recorded. The column moved from Gorlovka to Alchevsk;

- From the side of Snezhnoe, active movement of army vehicles was recorded in the direction of Torez-Shakhtersk-Zugres-Makeevka for a couple of days. There are at least 3 separate columns (more than 10 units of equipment in each). Composition - mainly BMP and MT-LB;

- in the area of Pantelemonovka and Pyatikhatki, there was a movement of small mixed groups of armored vehicles of the occupation units and single vehicles during the week, 3-4 units each (mostly various armored vehicles of BMP, BTR and MT-LB type). A group of 3 trucks Ural and 1 MT-LB, transported 120 mm mortars towards Gorlovka, attracted attention;

- The occupiers are reinforcing their units in the Verkhneshirokovskoe -  Zaichenko area, the movement of trucks with manpower to the north was noted.

After a series of checks in training centers and in units performing combat missions at the front line, HQs of 1st “DPR” Army Corps (OTC “Donetsk”) sent an order to the subordinate brigades and regiments about the need for more careful selection of personnel for snipers. As it turned out during the checks, in the parts of the occupying troops, the practice of “writing up” all kinds of rabble into snipers is widespread, which “... by their moral and business qualities and physical indicators are not able to perform the duties of a full-time sniper ...”. Due to the lack of careful selection by the responsible persons in the units, "unfit" fighters have to be sifted out from the position of snipers during the training process or even directly in the units.

The HQs of the 1st “DPR” and the 2nd “LPR” Army Corps sent orders to subordinate units and demanding that they stop stealing fuel and begin to build up its reserves directly in the brigades and regiments. The supply of units with fuel exclusively “off the wheel” is called “vicious practice”, and, according to the opinion and estimates of staff curators, the volumes of supplied fuel can not only ensure the daily livelihood of units, but also allow it to be “stored” in conditions of the absence of active hostilities and significant movements of military equipment and vehicles. At least, that the quantity and volume of supplied fuel to both Army Corps from the Russian Federation, according to the calculations of the Russian curators, "is more than sufficient for these purposes."

The Russian military leadership has been tasked “military enlistment offices” of the “DPR” and “LPR” to “intensify agitation and advertising work” to recruit new parties of “candidates for military service on a contract basis” to serve in both Army Corps of the occupation forces from among local residents. First of all, attention is paid to carrying out such work "... in educational institutions, enterprises and organizations that are at the stage of reform".

The leadership of the “MGB DPR” and the “MGB LPR” have got the order from the FSB curators to ensure the greatest possible influence on the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine. We are talking about the "psychological treatment" of immigrants through various channels (primarily through relatives and friends who remained in LDPR), as well as local residents who are ready to go to participate in the elections to the unoccupied territory of Ukraine. It is also prescribed to “influence in the right way” on the population of the adjacent unoccupied districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine with the help of active propaganda (using both controlled media and agents) and the so-called “Humanitarian program for the reunification of the people of Donbas”. Thus, in the next 2 months, the occupiers will actively try to influence on the will of the free part of Donbas.