Eleni Theocharous - single member of the European Parliament who participated in "presidential election" in the annexed Crimea

Eleni Theocharous - single member of the European Parliament who participated in "presidential election" in the annexed Crimea

During the so-called "presidential elections in the Russian Federation" in the territory of the Crimea, the single observer was fixed, directly related to European institutions.

So, on March 18, the deputy of the European Parliament Eleni Theocharous visited Crimea. In this case, her earlier contacts with Russia are of particular interest.

In 2000, the Cypriot surgeon conducted eight operations in a children's hospital on the territory of the Republic of Komi (RF). This was already the third trip of Theocharous as a doctor to the territory of this particular Russian subject. Cypriot was a talented surgeon-urologist and did operations, which at that time only few people did in the world.

The doctor planned to come to Komi in 2001, but everything changed when she was elected as deputy of the House of Representatives of Cyprus from Limassol County.

Later, she was not very noticeable on the international arena, even after joining to the "Solidarity" movement in 2009 as a deputy. However, everything changed in 2013. Then, she first appeared in the European institution with a demand to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh.

In the same 2013, Theocharous met with representatives of Armenian nationalists in the unrecognized capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh, Stepanakert. Then it became known that a Cypriot surgeon is not an ordinary woman.

Later, in 2014, she become the head of the EU-Armenia friendship group and  actively spoke not only for the recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh, condemning Azerbaijanis, but also did everything possible to "whitewash" Russia, stating that  Kremlin does not support the degree of tension in the region.

"I'm not sure that Russia intends to destabilize the region. I do not have such facts yet. Therefore, it would be wrong for me to blame Russia for destabilizing the region, and for presenting myself as a political judge for my interests”, - Eleni Theocharous told the First Armenian Information Channel.

The culmination in this entire was the visit of Theocharous and two other European deputies to the so-called constitutional referendum in Karabakh, against which official Baku spoke. Then the authorities of Azerbaijan announced all observers in an international search, including Theocharous. Interpol withdrew the Cypriot and her colleagues from the search then.

Later, at the end of 2017 - February 2018, she supported the candidacy of Nicholas Papadopoulos during the presidential elections in Cyprus - the man who, from the beginning of the aggression in Ukraine, called to lift sanctions against Russia in the EU.

And then the Crimea followed. However, a visit to the fake "elections of 2018" is probably a consequence of the previous activity of this citizen of Cyprus. In this case, another thing is interesting: they prepared Theocharous for fake election in the territory of the Crimea from the middle of December 2017.

So, on December 13 last year, the Moscow House of Nationalities hosted a conference "Russia and the Crimea in post-Byzantine space: European values and the civilizational choice of peoples". The chamber of this event was the famous Sergey Markov.

At this conference there were also foreign guests, among them - Mrs. Theocharous. She told there "about the attitude of the Cypriots to the modern socio-cultural phenomena". However, three months later she was already in the Crimea as an "international observer".

It remains now only to learn the reaction of the international community and European institutions about the visit of Eleni Theocharous and other representatives, most of whom are citizens of EU countries, to annexed Crimea within the framework of the Russian special operation "the legitimacy of presidential elections in the Russian Federation," at a time when the civilized world is developing and retaliatory measures after the Russian special services use the "Novichok" chemical agent in the UK, which was sanctioned by Russia's top leadership.