On February 7, it became known that a significant number of reinforcements from Iraq moved in the direction of the Syrian city Afrin, where battles are conducted between the Turkish army and Kurdish groupings, such as the People's Self-Defense Units YPG (branch of the terrorist organization Kurdi

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Operational data of the group "Information Resistance"

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Destruction of the Russian Su-25 in Syria on February 3, 2018 is the second "blow in the back" from Turkey - if we follow the terminology of the Syrian "winner" Putin.

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The chemical disarmament of the Assad regime, which was presented as a huge achievement of Russian diplomacy several years ago, turned out to be a fraud.

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Operational data of the group "Information Resistance"

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The creation of new hotbeds of instability in South-Eastern Europe will play into the hands of the Russian election campaign, and will bring gas dividends and help some Moscow oligarchs

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Washington intends to introduce new sanctions against Russia at January 29 because of its meddling in the presidential elections in the USA in 2016.

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The Kremlin has always viewed the Kurds as a bargaining chip in its geopolitical games. At the same time, this certainly ended in tragedy for the Kurds themselves, because betrayal for Moscow is a favorite strategy.

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Maniacal desire of Russia to seek the pain points of Western countries and put pressure on them led its leadership to create a strong alliance with the Afghan Taliban. And now, we can say with confidence that Moscow is the main sponsor of terror in Afghanistan.

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