The occupants equip a new battalion defense area in Mariupol direction

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Since the end of 2013, Moscow has been actively trying to brainwash the world community into believing in the links between Ukraine and the jihadists

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The occupants conduct a special operation in Gorlovka

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The threat that after the failure with the Emirate of Qatar "eternal secretary" of Putin and the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin will not become discouraged, and will continue to attempt to corrupt all who can be, is still preserved.

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"MGB DNR military counterintelligence" is dissatisfied with Russian officers in “1st Army Corps”

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In the conditions of the growing international isolation of Russia, generated by the late years of Putin's rule, the formation of the image of an influential power is becoming increasingly difficult for the Russian regime.

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Operational data of the group "Information Resistance"

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Two months after the first attempts of the SVR of the Russian Federation to launch a new project on the direction of further antagonization and radicalization of Ukrainian-Polish relations, the creation of the "International Anti-Bandera Movement" was completed and the intensification of its acti

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We must admit that the coordinated policy of the United States, France and other North Atlantic allies give logical results on the field of confrontation between the civilized international community and the aggressive policies of Putin's regime.

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Sounded in the European press dispatch of Russian mercenaries to the African continent showed how heated the Russian-Chinese relations are, and predicts a large-scale rotation for the Russian business elite.

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