The Kremlin has always viewed the Kurds as a bargaining chip in its geopolitical games. At the same time, this certainly ended in tragedy for the Kurds themselves, because betrayal for Moscow is a favorite strategy.

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Maniacal desire of Russia to seek the pain points of Western countries and put pressure on them led its leadership to create a strong alliance with the Afghan Taliban. And now, we can say with confidence that Moscow is the main sponsor of terror in Afghanistan.

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Any peace initiatives of the Kremlin on Syria are a complete bluff and a smoke screen to strengthen Putin's election image.

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Operational data of the group "Information Resistance"

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The Russian Federation regularly takes the leading positions in the official world export ratings for arms and military equipment. However, this export is not always legal.

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One of the leaders of Kosovo Serbs, head of the Movement “Freedom, Democracy, Truth” Oliver Ivanovich was killed in Kosovo on January 16, INTERFAX reports citing the Associated Press.

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