The new evidence of the illegal presence of the regular Russian troops in DNR and LNR

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The degeneration of the Korean outcast and the new fears of the Kremlin

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Collective actions of Moscow and Tehran contributed to the salvation of the dictatorial regime of President Assad. It was very beneficial for Russia to use Hezbollah fighters as cannon fodder for the destruction of ISIS ​​units.

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The training center in St. Petersburg began preparing a new party of saboteurs for Donbass

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As it known, the fact that the Mundial will be held in Russia is used by the authorities Russia to promote the criminal regime of Putin, and such propaganda will only grow with the beginning of the competition.

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The occupants equip a new battalion defense area in Mariupol direction

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Since the end of 2013, Moscow has been actively trying to brainwash the world community into believing in the links between Ukraine and the jihadists

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The occupants conduct a special operation in Gorlovka

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