The Jan 10 incident where a shell allegedly hit a service truck of the Voda Donbasa water supply utility company near the village of Kruta Balka (area of Donetsk region controlled by Russian proxies), injuring three employees, is being exploited by Russian media to discredit the Ukrainian Army.

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Тhe recent report of the headquarters of the Kurdish people's self-defense forces YPG, they captured in Northern Syria a group of Islamic State terrorists, one of whom was allegedly a Ukraine national.

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Advisor to the President of Ukraine, Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies Rostyslav Pavlenko has debunked a number of most prominent myths Russian propaganda has been spinning regarding the granting of autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

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The Orthodox Church of Ukraine is in the final stretch of receiving from Constantinople a long-sought tomos of autocephaly, that is, a decree granting canonical autonomy.

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Representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skibitsky says Russia is plotting a terrorist act in the occupied Donbas with the use of toxic substances, UNIAN

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The Hungarian side, now in the person of the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine, duly registered in Ukraine (“Society of Hungarian Culture of Zakarpattia (KMKSZ) together with the Center for Sociological Research named after Tivadar Legocki continues manipulating public opinion in Ukraine's Zakarpati

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Amid of Ukraine's decision not to prolong martial law and hysterical campaign of  Kremlin, Russian propaganda machine spreads fake reports on Ukraine's alleged ties with the Islamic State.

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Not a long ago public was crying about William Paul Reilly, an American who was murdered by orcs (terrorists in the Donbass territory).

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Operational data group "Information Resistance"

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