Russian ideologists have been working in full swing attempting to obstruct the rise of the independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church, employing a number of local loyalists of the Russian church like Luka, a Metropolitan of Zaporizhia and Melitopol, who recently called the granting of Tomos on autocep

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Since the times of Bill Clinton, every successive American president has tried to negotiate with Russia, believing that he, unlike his predecessors, will succeed. So, probably, Donald Trump thought the same before the meeting in Helsinki.

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From Helsinki to Gaddafi: a cold shower for Putin

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"Russian response to "Javelins" began to arrive to the "1st AK DNR” from Russia

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"Novichok 2.0": Russia attacks UK again

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A meeting of the heads of the United States and Russia will take place at July 16 in a neutral territory - in the city of Helsinki (Finland).

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Plan "Great Revenge": Russian preparation for the Ukrainian elections

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The elections of the head of state and parliament will be held in Ukraine in 2019. Not only local political forces prepare for participation in the electoral process, but also the Kremlin, which considers it already as a point of no return.

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"MGB DNR" launched a "witch hunt" in the educational institutions of “DNR”

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