Chronicles of Russian-Ukrainian war – Russian “Grad” near Dobropillya [PHOTOS]

Chronicles of Russian-Ukrainian war – Russian “Grad” near Dobropillya [PHOTOS]

According to operational data from Information Resistance, the BM-21 “Grad” multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS) that was used yesterday to shell a suburb of the city of Dobropillya [Donetsk Oblast] belongs to the Armed Forces of Russia.

In particular, as evidenced by poorly painted markings on the combat vehicle and relevant seals on documentation in the cockpit of the BM-21 (see photo), it belongs to the Russian 18th Separate Guards Motorized Brigade (Southern Military District, Russia).

[Serial] numbers of the combat vehicle body, equipment and ammunition have been recorded.

This fact once again confirms that a military invasion of Russia is underway in eastern Ukraine. Thus, we are not dealing with internal conflict but are talking about a Russian-Ukrainian war unleashed by the Kremlin.


Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine