IR Summary: Occupants continue to spread rumors about the "planned chemical attack of the armed forces of Ukraine" among the local population
Дата публикации: Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 09:04
Operational data group "Information Resistance"The Russian occupation forces continue to shell the positions of the Joint Forces and the settlements located near the demarcation line, using heavy weapons that are "prohibited" by the Minsk agreements. In the course of armed provocations, the occupying forces opened fire with automatic rifle armaments, heavy machine guns, hand-
Regarding letter head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill to the Pope
Дата публикации: Friday, December 14, 2018 - 17:05
The Information Resistance OSINT group has obtained a Russian-language copy of a letter head of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill (aka Gundyaev) recently sent to the Pope.The text of the letter has been approved following a series of drafts. The Russian Orthodox Church also used it as a template when drafting letters to other addressees, including the UN, the OSCE, leader of France and Germany,
Russian clerics pursue attempts to hinder Ukraine's path toward independent church
Дата публикации: Friday, December 14, 2018 - 14:19
With the approach of the Unification Council scheduled for Dec 15, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) clerics continue their attempts to prevent the creation of a new local Ukrainian Orthodox Church, independent from Russia. Yesterday, the SBU said they had revealed plans of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP), to set up bloody provocations against the background
About the POW status for Ukrainian navy men
Дата публикации: Monday, December 10, 2018 - 10:31
The Kremlin, through the mouth of clown from the Russian FSB, said that Ukrainian navy men, which were captured at 25th of November of this year near the Kerch Strait, "cannot be considered as prisoners of war, because the Russian Federation and Ukraine are not in a state of military conflict or war".The first and most important, concerning the position of the Kremlin as "I am not
Regarding the protests in France
Дата публикации: Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 18:59
In continuation of my previous post that Europe should pay attention to the Russian mass disinformation media, which feel easy in the EU countries and continue to shape the Moscow information agenda needs. But now it is in the context of the events in France.Just two weeks ago, we noted that Moscow uses in France a bunch of special correspondents of rating misinformation media, many of which had
IR summary: the occupation command prepares for two scenarios of the “offensive of Ukrainian Armed Forces”
Дата публикации: Friday, December 7, 2018 - 19:51
Operational data group "Information Resistance"The Russian occupation forces in the Donbas continue armed provocations and shelling of positions of units from the Joint Forces (JF), as well as settlements near the demarcation line (while their number has significantly increased from 9-10 to 22-25 per day). The enemy, in the course of the attacks, also uses types of armaments that are
Russian attache earlier deported from Ukraine for espionage continues "diplomatic" work in Belarus – media
Дата публикации: Thursday, December 6, 2018 - 17:12
Russian Ambassador to Belarus, Mikhail Babich, the ex-intel officer and Putin's special envoy, was had once been denied Ukrainian approval for leading the Russian embassy in Kyiv, someone from his current diplomatic team in Minsk has a more extensive Ukrainian experience, UNIAN reports according to edition Belarus Partisan.This is Kirill Kolyuchkin, a Russian military attache in Belarus and a
The balance of power and risks of the Black Sea region
Дата публикации: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 19:29
INTRODUCTIONIn 2014, the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine was not only an unprecedented phenomenon for Europe of the 21st century, but also an event that changed the limits of influence and the balance of power on the world map. First of all, the balance of power in the Black and Azov Seas has undergone cardinal changes due to the annexation of the Crimea peninsula by Russia.For
What actually happened in the Kerch Strait: the reconstruction of events. VIDEO
Дата публикации: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 17:08
Russia claims that it complies with international law, but for some reason does not know that merchant ships and warships under the flag of Ukraine use freedom of navigation in the Azov Sea and the Kerch Strait in accordance with a bilateral treaty regarding the use of the Sea of Azov. And this rule was completely broken by Russia on November 25th.The Prosecutor-General's Office of Ukraine
Captured Ukrainian Navy men have the status of "prisoners of war" – Ukrainian prosecutor
Дата публикации: Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 12:22
Captured Ukrainian Navy men have the status of prisoners of war (POWs), according to Gunduz Mamedov, Ukraine's chief prosecutor for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which territory was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014.The law of international conflicts, in particular the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War of 1949 (Third Geneva Convention) must be applied on