Preparatory Kremlin’s works on the formation of a new hotbed of instability in the Balkans are at the final stage. Moscow is actively trying to use various "pressure points" to shake the situation in this region, using the political community in Serbia.

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On Thursday October 26, the US State Department submitted to the Congress for approval the next list of Russian legal entities, against which credit and banking sanctions are imposed. For the first time, the list covered almost the entire Russian defense industry.

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Russia continues to exert all possible efforts to strengthen the pro-Russian mood in Europe. In struggle for the minds of the EU countries citizens, the rate is placing often on the former USSR satellite countries.

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Experience shows that when Putin calls the Ukrainians "brothers", and the Russian Federation is preparing another international sport show, we should expect some major dirty tricks from the Kremlin.

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The Russian side is interested in further destabilizing of the internal political situation in Ukraine and discrediting it at the international level.

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Russia continues to generate new crisis situations in the Near and Middle East, where it plays an important role, trying to reorient the attention of the international community (primarily the US) to resolving new crises, while diverting attention away from the constantly sounding accusations in

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Despite obvious and tangible defeats in international politics and economics, Russia continues to increase the information component of the hybrid war against the West.

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Moscow's involvement of Pakistan and Beijing in its "game" against Washington around Afghanistan is no less worthy of attention than the Kremlin's "games" in the Middle East around Syria and on the Korean Peninsula around the DPRK.

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