Throughout 05.13. – 05.21.2015, the situation has somewhat improved in Luhansk region, due to the efforts of local (regional) authorities to tighten the entry and exit control in the ATO zone.

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Words can hurt, kill or cure.

In the war that is going on now in Ukraine information battles take the leading place. Shots and explosions, reports and comments have become an instruments of hybrid war in the Donbas. The reporter at war - is the fighter too, word is his main weapon.

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Russian television today has almost monopolized the influence on formation of the social and political agenda in the Russian Federation, - such conclusion was made

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From Lisbon to Vladivostok

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Due to a developed monitoring system of the terrorist/separatist threat in the South and East of Ukraine, the IR group (project “Traffic Light”) in Odesa, alongside with [the IR] group in Kharkiv, have identified a “zone of special attention” (threat lev

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Over the past few days, we observed the completion of the formation of enemy strike tactical groups in Donbas (strike [groups] in particular–their composition, place of deployment and character of conducted activities do not suggest that the Russian-terrorist troops are preparing for a defense),

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1. The terrorists intend to have a long and happy life as a cancerous tumor on the body of Ukraine. They are actively preparing for winter, simultaneously using the so-called “ceasefire” for the greatest possible integration with Russia.

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